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Nearly every company, organization, mom and pop boutique and municipality has a website today. The primary purpose is to provide the public with information concerning the company or organization and it’s products and/or services. Web Design Fort Wayne recognizes that a true competitively designed web strategy should have other goals in mind as well.

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Search Marketing

Ever heard of Google? Many prospects use Google in the research or "hunt" phase for a product or service. By working with Web Design Fort Wayne you will obtain a strategy to get your website listed in search results organically and sponsored.

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Outbound and Syndicated Web Marketing

Used to help ideas spread off the corporate website, these techniques extend reach by direct channels and/or "pull" techniques where users opt-in. Web Design Fort Wayne can help you deploy a strategy using these techniques while respecting the best interests of your customers, otherwise it’s one-click to unsubscribe or spam.

Outbound and Syndicated Web Marketing+

Brand Extension

This is not a new concept, it’s simply applying offline strategies in the virtual world. The strategy is simple: where your market is, so should your brand. Let Web Design Fort Wayne navigate the complexities of the virtual world and extend your brand.

Brand Extention Services+

Community Marketing and Social Media Marketing

eMarketer’s research indicates that the social media space is the fastest growing area for web advertising and marketing. In Web Design Fort Wayne's experience, the awareness rate is around 30% and deployment 10-20% for most corporations. Some of the methods deployed are not new, while some become critical in how prospects find information about products. Remember, this is less about the tools than it is about the end result: people connecting with other people.

Social Media Marketing+

New and Emerging Mediums

The web is a platform that extends to other mediums while creating new ones. Cell phones, virtual worlds and online gaming are some massively popular examples. Let Web Design Fort Wayne show you how to make these mediums work for you.

Emerging Mediums+

Search Engine Optimization

Increase business with high quality visitors.

Increase your search engine visibility and sales with our expert SEO services.

Web Strategy & Development

The right: goals, message, people, action.

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Search Engine Marketing

Outbound and Syndicated Web Marketing

Brand Extention

Social Media Marketing

Intranet, Extranet and Portal Development

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