Fort Wayne Social Media Marketing

eCommerce/Rating Sites


For most consumer products and a majority of enterprise products, there’s a variety of websites that rate products both by expert (sometimes called analyst) or peer review.  One of the most popular site that has done this in the is CNET which deploys both editorial reviews, video demos and user ratings and opinions.  Content can be both positive and negative about your company as well as your competitors.  Ratings and voting has evolved with popular news voting sites like Digg.  Web Design Fort Wayne will analyze your opportunities and put you on the road to getting your products scored in these heavily traveled websites.


Social Networking, Forums, Wikis, Collaboration


Today we are seeing the beginning of social networking, forums, wikis and collaborative environments merging into one.  While founded from early usenet days, forums allow for communities to form around similar ideas and collaborate.  Approximately 33% of companies deploy forums.  Wikis have also been used to tie industries together as well.  Savvy marketers realize the power of social networking websites, including image sharing websites like Flickr for marketing.  Web Design Fort Wayne knows these environments well and can develope a successful placement strategy for your organization, company or brand.



Podcast Marketing

Many corporations are reaching their community though on-demand content via mobile devices and computers.  The key to this medium is in the ‘pull’ strategy.  Let Web Design Fort Wayne develop your Podcast Marketing plan.




Statistics show that 30% or less of businesses are considering blogs (web logs) as forms of business communication.  Web Design Fort Wayne knows that blogs are powerful communication tools that keep your customers coming back for more.  In addition, they have powerful positive search engine optimization consequences for your company or organization's website.  


Widget/Badge Marketing


Widgets are light weight web applications that are being embedded in websites, blogs, forums, and social sites.  Flickr badges, MyBlogLog, and in ways even the Firefox community marketing campaign are companies that engage in widget marketing.  These light weight web application make it easier for your website users to bookmark and save certain aspects or pages of your website.  Web Design Fort Wayne will build your custom widget/badge marketing program today so you can see your traffic soar tomorrow.  


Online Video and Live Streaming


While Online Video has existed for many years on the web, it’s most notably been gaining traction from the video blog or video sharing sites such as YouTube.  Web Design Fort Wayne recommends including your executives and thought leaders in your video.  This also includes live streaming where participants can webcast video in real time, often accomplished with chat features.  


Instant Messaging / Text Messaging Presence


Web Design Fort Wayne can involve real time conversational media using instant messaging tools, presence and status tools such as Twitter for your web marketing campaign.  These tools tie into online and mobile devices.  Our experience with Generation Y is that they are using IM and text messaging as their primary way to communicate over all other mediums.


Tagging/Collective Tools


Tagging can be used to harvest marketing intelligence as well as help your SEO results. Delicious is a great tool for acquiring market data.  Web Design Fort Wayne will help you properly tag content to help online communities find your products or services.


Voting Features


Popularized with the website Digg, members submit web pages and the community votes on its content.  If the community votes for your content enough you can make it to the front page.  When this happens your website will be rewarded by the search engines with higher organic placement.  This can also been deployed in corporate extranets, such as Dell’s IdeaStorm where customers can vote for future products or features.  Ask Web Design Fort Wayne to analyze your opportunity today.




These microblogging tools allow users to share bite sized information with their social network or from mobile phones.  With the launch of site like Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku micromedia and micro blogging started to gain traction.  Web Design Fort Wayne can show your organization how to effectively use these tools.


Viral Marketing


The reason this is called viral is because, when executed, the medium spreads through email inboxes like a virus.  Many of these campaigns are videos that include humor to hook the viewer.  Web Design Fort Wayne will plan, develop, design, execute and track your viral marketing campaign.



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